Honoring Local Historical Figures in Harris County, Texas Through Public Art Installations

The Harris County in Texas is home to a variety of public art installations that pay tribute to local historical figures. From the Lady of Justice statue in the Harris County District Attorney's office to the El Franco Lee Service Plaza, these works of art are a testament to the county's rich history and culture. The Lady of Justice statue, sculpted by artist Chas Fagan, is located in the Harris County District Attorney's office in downtown Houston. This serene figure with her eyes covered, wielding the scales of justice and a sword, is a reminder of the county's commitment to impartial justice for all.

The artist was selected from among her colleagues through a competition created in collaboration with the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD), and a committee of art experts from Houston chose the work of art. The El Franco Lee Service Plaza is another public art installation that honors local historical figures. It is located at 1201 Congress St. and is the centerpiece of the plaza, which was sculpted by artist Chas Fagan.

This plaza serves as a reminder of the county's dedication to justice and fairness. Sam Houston Park is also open to the public and is under the supervision of the Houston Department of Parks and Recreation. Visitors to Alexander Deussen Park are welcomed with a work of functional public art designed and created by Texan artist David Adickes, known for his enormous works of concrete art. This year, several young Texans used their artistic skills to compete in the fish art contest organized by Texas Parks and Wildlife and Forever Wildlife.

FIEL spokespersons and community members gathered Monday to present a mural honoring the victims of a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Chief Jimoh Buraimoh, a Nigerian painter and artist, installed the artwork as part of Commissioner Ellis' efforts to disseminate public works of art throughout Harris County. It was made possible by the momentum and generous support of the Downtown Houston Management District and Harris County District 1.The company will print Walsh's illustrations on 40,000 Jones soda bottles as part of its new Message in a Bottle initiative, aimed at spreading hope and inspiration at a difficult time. From sketches, pastels and watercolors to oil and acrylic on canvas and even clay sculptures, the excellent works of art made by Hayloft Gallery students rival those of experienced professionals.

The mural's location, in the heart of the community known for its iconic brick streets built by 1000 formerly enslaved people in 1865, naturally aligned with the Gregory School's mission to tell the story of African Americans. It was made possible by the momentum and generous support of the Houston Central Management District, TotalEnergies, and Harris County District One. Adams will unveil six new June 19 murals created this year in collaboration with local artists across the country, including one in the historic Freedmen's Town community in Houston. A student from the Spring Branch Independent School District will exhibit his work of art entitled Essential Cowboy in the nation's capital.

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