Exploring the Splendid Public Art Pieces of Harris County, Texas

Harris County, Texas is a place of beauty and inspiration, thanks to the many public art pieces created by local artists. From sculptures to installations, these works of art are designed to bring a sense of awe and admiration to the community. Chief Jimoh Buraimoh, a Nigerian painter and artist, installed a tranquil figure at the Landmark Alief Neighborhood Center as part of Commissioner Ellis' mission to spread public art throughout the county. The artwork was chosen from a competition organized in collaboration with the University of Houston Downtown (UHD), and a committee of art experts from Houston selected the work.

In addition to those within the city limits, Quiles said League City, Harris County and the Texas Department of Transportation have also commissioned UP Art Studio to paint traffic light control boxes in the region. Three women-led art commissions will arrive at the Landmark Alief Neighborhood Center. Each of these works, Folding Stories (Red Thread Collective), Alief Swarm (Bennie Flores Ansell) and Windbloom (Falon Mihalic), will involve the Alief community in completing custom designs before they are manufactured. The El Franco Lee statue, sculpted by artist Chas Fagan, is the centerpiece of the El Franco Lee service plaza, which surrounds the Harris County jury assembly building in 1201. The Paley Staircase sculptures, completed in 1987 by American artist Albert Paley, line the escalator that leads to the entrance of the Wortham Theater Center, a performing arts center in downtown Houston.

The memorial fountain for Congress St. Wortham, nicknamed “the dandelion fountain” by locals, was built in Buffalo Bayou Park in 1978. Located at the base of the dining room lattice near Niko Niko's, the sculpture was created for the park in 1991 by Texan artist James Surls. Visitors to Alexander Deussen Park are welcomed with a functional piece of public art designed and created by Texan artist David Adickes, renowned for his enormous works of art made with concrete. It was made possible by the momentum and generous support of the Downtown Houston Management District and Harris County District 1.His work has been exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Providence and Boston. The idea behind these pieces is to stop graffiti in neighborhoods and serve as a gateway for artists to dedicate themselves to civic art. Located in the Harris County District Attorney's office in downtown Houston is Lady Justice, shown with her eyes covered, holding the scales of justice and a sword, prepared to serve impartial justice to all. He has exhibited his work internationally at the Festival De La Luz, a festival of 65 photographs in Argentina, at the Uno Art Gallery in Stuttgart (Germany) and in a specific installation at the Daegu Photography Biennale in South Korea.

By presenting a serene figure (a local adolescent) in a moment of quiet introspection, this play invites viewers to delve into the complexities and challenges of mental well-being. It was made possible by the momentum and generous support of the Houston Central Management District, TotalEnergies, and Harris County District One. From sculptures to installations, these works of art bring beauty and inspiration to Harris County.

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