Exploring the Public Art Installations of Harris County, Texas

Are you looking to discover the public art installations of Harris County, Texas? If so, you've come to the right spot! From sculptures to murals, Harris County is home to a variety of public art pieces that are sure to captivate and amaze. Organizations looking to create their own public art projects can consult with the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) for advice on how to carry out the project or the percentage of participation in the art project. Harris County Precinct One's Public Art program focuses on bringing culturally relevant art to communities that may not have access to art in their neighborhoods. This includes honoring national and local social justice heroes who have paved the way for social change and continue to lead us in our common fight for equality.

An example of this is Chief Jimoh Buraimoh's installation, which was selected from among his colleagues through a competition created in collaboration with the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD). A committee of art experts from Houston chose the work of art, which was made possible by the momentum and generous support of the Houston Central Management District, TotalEnergies, and Harris County District One. In addition to those within the city limits, Quiles said League City, Harris County and the Texas Department of Transportation have also commissioned UP Art Studio to paint traffic light control boxes in the region. Located in the Harris County District Attorney's office in downtown Houston, visitors can find a sculpture of Lady Justice with her eyes covered, wielding the scales of justice and a sword, prepared to impart impartial justice to all. Alexander Deussen Park is also home to a work of functional public art designed and created by Texan artist David Adickes.

The concept behind this piece was to stop graffiti in neighborhoods and serve as a gateway for artists to dedicate themselves to civic art. The El Franco Lee statue, sculpted by artist Chas Fagan, is another example of public art in Harris County. It is the centerpiece of the El Franco Lee Service Plaza, which surrounds the Harris County Jury Assembly building at 1201 Congress Street. This project was made possible by the drive and generous support of the Downtown Houston Management District and Harris County Precinct One. The public art installations in Harris County are an incredible way for people to explore their local culture and history.

Whether you're looking for sculptures or murals, there are plenty of options available for those interested in discovering more about their community. Organizations looking to create their own public art projects can consult with TCA for advice on how to carry out their project or what percentage of participation they should have. With so many amazing pieces available, there's something for everyone in Harris County!.

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