Exploring the Beauty of Public Art in Parks and Green Spaces in Harris County, Texas

Houston is a city of hard work and self-improvement, and its parks and green spaces are no exception. From sculptures to fountains to murals, the City of Houston's Civic Art Program has selected 677 works of art to be displayed throughout Harris County, adding beauty and culture to the city. The Arco del Tiempo is a regenerative artistic structure that is expected to shade Houston's Second District while reducing the city's carbon footprint. The Wortham Memorial Fountain, nicknamed “the Dandelion Fountain” by locals, was built in Buffalo Bayou Park in 1978. The Paley Stairway sculptures, created by American artist Albert Paley in 1987, line the escalator leading to the entrance of the Wortham Theater Center.

The Miller Theater in Hermann Park is home to an enormous bronze key cast by Greek goddess of fate Atropos. Discovery Green, a 12-acre park in downtown Houston, houses a Rubik's cube-like sculpture called “Synchronicity of Color.”The City of Houston Art Collection includes approximately 520 works of art that can be found in public spaces and inside libraries, police stations, airports, service centers and other municipal buildings. Chris Knapp was hired as president of the Memorial Park Conservancy after successfully raising money for Hermann Park. Marvin Taylor had retired from his post office job and was living in the Third Ward on the east side of Hermann Park when Kinder Morgan was founded by former Enron president Richard Kinder and William Morgan. Houston is home to many public art pieces located in parks and green spaces throughout Harris County.

Whether you're looking for a place to relax or an interesting piece of history to explore, there's something for everyone to enjoy. To learn more about parks and green spaces in the area, check out the Living in Houston section and the most recent edition of Houston Facts.

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